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Proton Electronics is well established Company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, providing Consultancy and Turn Key Solutions in the IT and Telecommunication Industry.

Established in 1996, Proton Electronics has been growing in leaps and bounds. With a Healthy, professional work attitude and culture, surrounded by intellects who keep pace by time to technological advancement, research and innovations, Proton Electronics Trading LLC has paved its way to be a Leading Pioneer of modern times Growing from strength to strength, we have established ourselves with a niche of reputation in the region. Our entire business is a breast with new technologies and technical expertise and know how, that enable us helping our clients to successfully address and implement their critical I.T. requirements and solutions, in a timely and cost effective manner. Our job is to provide our clients with “technical horse power and expertise” so that they can continue to be more successful and get established as the leader in their industry. Our mission is in helping companies operate more productively and efficiently through consulting, integration and outsourcing services. In today’s business environment companies often turn to outsourcing to maintain their competitive focus, enhance their IT skill sets and cut costs. Proton offers comprehensive outsourcing solutions which enable our customers to meet future technology and business needs more rapidly. Through our Service you get best-in-class data-center, help-desk and consultancy services, application maintenance and development. We are an IBM, Compaq and Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. Working with us is a reasonable and reliable option to in-house development or expensive domestic consultancies. As your partner Proton provides a bundle of skills in outsourcing, transformation consulting and technology. This allows you to free internal resources and focus on core areas, reduce and control operating costs, increase overall productivity and improve the ways you reach and serve customers.

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